Though, I'm not intending to bring back my webpage. I have a blog, and a few other frequented sites. If you want to get in touch with me, try the blog. There's a few posts with the trivia bot in mind.

Though I've pretty well dropped out of the whole scripting game I do still have my very fantastic scripts kicking around. I am however making sure they keep working with new version of mIRC and hence version 3.61

I didn't stop scripting out of some failure, but rather there's only so many features you can insert into an awesome script before it's just going to all be bloat. Thanks to everybody who helped me over the years, suggested features, and reported bugs. I'll still fix any pressing bugs with the script.

Tat's Trivia Bot version. 3.66
I added a couple things to make team based awards usable.
Errors in mIRC 7.1 were fixed with 3.6. Khalid broke some backwards compatability.

I have them all on a file hosting site. Which I hope works out: Radiation, Tat's Trivia Script, Large Question File

Regardless what happens this page should remain here.
Reflector my reflector script (it was requested).

Synergy game (it's lights out played with three colors)

Thank you, Tat.